What is Veggie week ?

A gourmet and vegetarian culinary event, taking place in the hippest restaurants, every year just before summer. From June 3 to June 16 2019, for the third consecutive year, Veggie week will put the spotlight on gastronomic vegetarian creations from the best Swiss chefs.

It is aimed at vegetarians or vegans, as well as at carnivores and gastronomic flexitarians who wish to discover tasty dishes that honour, especially for this occasion, the stars of the vegetable garden.

The plant in the spotlight

The participating chefs create a mix of vegetarian and sometimes, vegetalian creations. For the whole event, mixed flavors with multiple influences will make epicureans travel and allow them to discover a world where gastronomy also rhymes with « veggie ».

From starred restaurant to the talented young chefs, the Veggie week is designed to promote vegetarian cuisine in a positive way, focused on the pleasure of taste above all else.

This event is also an opportunity to showcase the many talents of our region’s chefs. Through the Veggie week, they respond to a real demand by sharing their vision of a healthy, ethical, ecological or simply original and up-to-date cuisine.

All the flavours are on the menu !